Order your painting



You choose the best solution to order your personalized, one-of-a-kind oil painting!


Just fill the below box or send me an e-mail to Maestro@maestro-basthy.com telling me about your dream painting. I will need the size and the topic at least, may-be the colors you prefer, or photos about the room/office where you are going to place it. You can order just a “feeling”, or send me a photo about yourself, your lovers, your favorite photo you would like to be painted. Write me everything you feel important!
Than I will contact you and we will speak about.

Are not sure yet?

It’s okay! Sending an inquiry does not mean anything: we just start talking to each other. Go ahead, you have nothing to loose! Why? To have your unique painting, it has no risk for You. You do not pay in advance!


After I have painted the picture we can meet (personally or virtually) and You can check it. If you like it, you take it and pay for it.

Or should You not like the final painting I have done for You, it is not a problem, You can leave it with me! 

Tip:  have a look at the galleries, you will find a lof of “painted for orders” oil paintings.  :)



Oh…. and I almost forget to tell:

Every painting has its “Originality document” sent with.