I like Maestro Basthy’s paintings because they are playful. He plays with the colors and light effects, and the end result makes an impact on you. Sometimes cheerful, emotional, sometimes more thoughtful impact, but you cannot just walk by his paintings without getting touched.

The Waterfall we have in the living room ... allowing me to look at it quite often and remind me that where there is light, there must be shadows as well, but also that where you can see shadows, there must be light too. It is rich in colors and details that you only notice and appreciate if you look at it long enough. I am sure it is a piece of art I will always like and never get bored by.

Bea Légrádi

We went to Maestro's show and we didn't plan to buy any picture, but it was Love for the first moment. We became caught by its colours. Choice of name is excellent. Very talkative. Good to look at. And we love to have it in our living room. Thank you!

Igar Zsolt és Igarné Sinkovits Edit

To find a painting which combines the desired style, color and size is not easy. Especially when you are looking for not just a piece of decoration, but something which really touches you. I think now I found someone who can create what I imagined and still able to add that inexplicable plus that makes it a real piece of art.

Viktória Csonka, Paris

When I choosed the Sun dance man, these colors were the desire of my spirit. Such, that I ordered the Sun dance woman from the Maestro, the couple for the Man.

Now, years later, I love them as whenever I look at them, they fill me up with warmth and energy, and I love to see the sun vibrant, but playing quiet light on the horizon.

Kata Veres, Budapest

Kata Veres, Budapest

Dear Maestro!

We spoke with each other, and you had felt my style perfectly. I could give you my order with trust. And yes, I got what I wished.

So why do I love my painting? Because it is simply beautiful! I even cannot describe the feeling what I felt when I saw it first! I recognised that „he” exists just because of me… for me! I love it!

Thank you!


Éva Klaics, Budapest

Dear Zsolti!

My „Laughing tree”...My husband ordered it for me. I love it as it is impossible to see it without smiling! Thank you so much!

Éva Klaics, Budapest

We really like the painting of Radan. In addition to the aesthetic experience these pictures speak, they are intuitive and definitely unique. First we thought one picture will be enough to us. Then we fall in love with another one and we could have imagined this very well in our home.

The kids like it too, of course, they also see it as a fairy tale world and they already also has Radan oil paintings. These are images that we hope will accompany them for a lifetime and later, they will able to re-interpret these paintings.

Dr. Simányi Balázs, Biatorbágy

Dear Zsolti!

We are thankful for your painting giving us experiences. I commend your Art to connoisseurs and amateurs too. It’s a bit difficult to explain why our family likes them: they are colorful, cheerful, and full with love and kindness. When I look at them, always worth another impression, but always be sure that what I see is a positive thought provoking me. Why my children love them? As it creates a tale to our living room wall. I think the secret of your Art that everyone can find its important, beautiful and positive impressions. I hope even expanding the number of Radan pictures! With Love:

Dr.Simányiné dr.Zsolnay Edit, Biatorbágy

Dear Zsolt,

I really like your paintings for several reasons. I’ll put down here but a few

  • Incredible richness in color,
  • They are modern but figurative, they convey clear-cut concepts, ideas,
  • I ordered one of them. I did not even say what I wanted and I received exactly what I had in mind! You are able to feel what the others would like to be expressed through your pieces of art.
  • All of them are different, extremely unique works. Where I used to teach there was a permanent exhibition of contemporary art. I had the chance to observe those pieces (often from well-know artists) and none of them seized my imagination as much as most of your canvases. Many times I feel that your paintings are a blend of artistic graffiti and impressionism.
  • Both of your works hang on the wall of our living room and they appear to be different at different times of the day. They are a good feeling to look at.
  • I see them to be full of life or daydreams but in no way artificial or boring.
  • You can sense LIFE in them!

Mrs Kárpáti Pál Ádámné, Vecsés

I love the atmosphere that the painting radiates, I am taken by its colors and its precise execution. It is hanging on the bedroom wall, so I often just stare at it. It is as if it lived, as if it was a living relief. And, unbelievably, this painting seems to comprise the Wholeness which always provokes strong emotions in me.

Dr. Diána Mandula, Mogyoród

The painting had been commissioned for my husband, who immediately placed it in the middle of the living room. We like it because it cheers up the interior while the sea on it always reminds us of our wonderful holidays spent together.

Zsuzsanna Márki-Kormos, Budapest