The Maestro

The time is the extent

Which matures
Forms and shows the way
Plays with Eras
Only the Eternal lasts
And crashing
To resist is death

To live through is sunlight
We cling together
Sway and swirl
To the other side
New and old law
We explored the depths
Forever together

In the „prima materia”
I became Maestro Básthy



Between 2007-2015 I painted under the name „Radan”. So if you are interested in my whole story, and how it started, go ahead!


For her things and activities that gave me joy were primary. The time had come for the seed sleeping in me.


A pilgrimage together: EL CAMINO. Drawings in her diary. Love CAN! We want more of it, we both need it. It enchants, mesmerizes, energizes and brings up our inner Self. It then wants 

to be expressed first in black&white… but then the images get inundated with colours. Watercolour and gouache are wanted!


Enter presents for birthday: oil and canvas. They end up in the corner to prevent bumping into them. It is so white and clean. Everything is till untouched there.


Let’s get down to it!


“Not possible”. “I am not ready for it yet”. “It’s more complicated than that!” I keep arguing…

But anything is possible!


… and SHE starts painting. Has excellent hands for it. Feels the forms, though denies it. It does not engage her for long. It is not HER desire.

She started by copying something.

Gets stuck with a hue. Begs for help.

Looking at me like a Syren. A Shrek-kitten… I grab the brush.

Show her HOW to do it. And the brush sticks to my fingers. A whirlpool takes me and carries me away. Dances, landscapes, eternal moments, emotions and feelings well up from the brush.


She keeps watching and shines contentedly. I am HER creation. It is a miracle.


A different person, different feelings. Being myself at last!


New man with a new name…