To give joy

I call it „Taming”. Painted for order.



A dear friend of mine asked me to capture his daughter and her cute pet as a birthday gift. He gave me a photo for model. It’s always excited to give back someone you hardly know. Be live, be it painting, but recognizable. The work in this case means something different - a mood, a feeling returned. What does it mean to embrace who you really love? What is it like to take care of he despite "all the circumstances"? Is it possible to show the parallels of thought? To bring the father's hug into the picture? You cannot know until the moment of handover.


Painting is a passion for me. Passionate hobby, not a full-time job ... Another good friend of mine was there, when I handed over the painting. He said, "good to me having so much time doing such a thing." Then I said something stupid, but it got me thinking. What does such a request mean to me? To please, to take part in someone else's joy. A honor; to see the joy on the father’s face when imagining what her daughter will feel looking at the picture. Paint something "immortale".